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Music Services

Lucid District can provide stage, sound, and lighting

for live music performance events! This includes mixers, CDJs, Sound Systems, Microphones, and Technicians.

Lucid District also curates lines ups from a roster

of producers, DJs, and multi-genre live bands

for entertainment at your event!


Our genres range from electronica, to jazz, to jam, to funk, to multi-genre DJs and producers to hip hop and spoken word poetry.  We have what you need!


We also support the festival or event with 

open mics, and music and art workshops for interactive experiences!

Music Services
Art Services

Art Services

Lucid District can set up and curate Art Galleries for your events!  Art Galleries include not only art displays, but live painting canvases, murals, and body painting!

Art Galleries can be the center of focus for the event, or provide secondary locations for workshops, interactive experiences and live music. 


Whether one night, a weekend, or long term, Lucid District is prepared to fill walls with beautiful and vibrant pieces.

This includes construction of galleries for indoor and outdoor events, as well as temporary or permanent mural surfaces to be painted live at the event!

A Lucid District Art Gallery can take place in a predetermined space or structure, or in temporary structures and canopies.

We also support the festival or event with art, health, yoga, meditation, sound bath, reiki, star readings, native ecology, flow arts, and other interactive experiences!

Photo Services

Photo/Video Services

Lucid District employs photographers and videographers 

to provide documentation support for your events! 

We have multiple teams of experienced photographers and videographers to select from for your project!

We specialize in music event videography:

capturing high quality audio

from the field and the sound board,

mixing and mastering the live audio

in a multi-camera edited full hour concert video

Educatio Services

Education Services

Lucid District is passionate about providing opportunities for artists, musicians, writers, poets, producers, singers, and students of the creative world. Many Lucid District members have experience teaching art and music in the DC Public education system, at private music schools such as 7DrumCity, and School Of Rock, or with community non profit organizations in youth arts education such as Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center and Words, Beats and Life.


Jon Eye (Jonathan Iredell), Lucid District co-founder, is also a professional educator in elementary to collegiate level mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, writing, reading, history, and test prep. 

Visit his education website here:


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