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Visual Artists

Visual Artists

Live artists add progressive visual elements to events. 

Lucid District Arts Collective has an arsenal of live artists, muralists, body painters, and tattoo artists to select from.

Outdoor or indoor events are perfect for mural work which inspires and invigorates audiences.  Lucid District Art Collective can supply materials and experience to build standing mural surfaces as well as curate live muralists, painters, and body painters for your event.




Charcoal Illustrator


Face and Body Painter

CJ the Artist

DC Rasta Live Art

Dattebayo Designs

Psychedelic Digital Art and Clothing

Jon Eye

Cosmic Spray Paint Artist


Psychedelic Art

Naliya Avtandilia

Acrylic, Murals, and Body Painting

Reid’s Into Art

Illustrations and Acrylic



Won Cho

Visionary and Psychedelic Art


Visionary and Psychedelic Art


Xiax Art

Psychedelic Art and Tattoos

Zen Xaria

Acrylic and Murals



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